Privacy Policy

Data Protection

Data Privacy

The company follows an interrogative approch to data privacy and security. We believe our approach to security and protection should be clean, vivid and available to all.

Byte Directory will never under any circumstances be entering into any financial negotiations, trades or sales of private customer data.

Cookie Policy

This site uses cookies and other storage technologies to help identify you on the site and provide a seamless experience.

Data Ownership

Public Data

All data uploaded to the public domain of Byte Directory shall remain the property of Byte Directory. As such, no other individual or legal entity shall claim any right

Private Data

Data uploaded to private repositories of ByteDirectory shall remain the property of the acting entity. Under no circumstances, unless instructed by the author, shall the company disclose this data to any 3rd party private organizations.

Content Policy

Graphic Violence

Any flagged pictures of graphic violence will be removed immediately.


Any pictures or files containing any form of nudity, should be uploaded to private repositories. Sexual images deemed as violent, dangerous or inappropriate will be removed as quicly as possible resulting in a lifetime ban on the account where applicable.

Religous and Political Slander

Our public forums and services are heavily moderated. Byte Directory does not condone the use of hate-speech to belittle groups, nationalities or religons. Flagged behavior will in most cases be responded to with a warning before removal of the entire account in the case of continued offense.