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Store documents, scripts and content securely

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Media Storage

Manage your professional or company media files

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ByGet Server

Private Package Server for secure repository management - Apply within for details

Media Storage & Delivery Network

Use our secure media storage service to keep a permanent backup of your important media. Also, use the service to deliver images to your social medial platforms, websites or online stores. Integrate our media storage service with your website to provide highly-available, fast and secure access to your images, videos and audio files. Learn More

Content Storage & Delivery Network

Byte Directory's content storage and delivery service is a simple and secure solution for sharing your documents around the web. Using the delivery service in your business could be the ideal solution to complicated documentation environments. Learn More

Our solution is actively used by a number of businesses. We take pride in our stance towards privacy and security.

ByGet Server

ByGet Package server is a local package server for your companies development. Download and use the server to enable rapid development for the ongoing projects in your business. Manage your packages through a helpful user-interface that supports efficient semantic-versioning and revision management.

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