ByteDirectory.com is a global service, catering for businesses and individuals around the world. Accordingly our services remain compliant to the regulatory laws of the United States (RA Section 508), Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom (WCAG 2 AA).

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

All services offered by ByteDirectory follow the strict privacy guidelines as specified by the Data Protection Act (2018).

Personal data is stored in an encrypted form and all handling mechanisms comply with our security policy. We do not participate in any activities wherein your data stored with us is shared with any third parties.

Byte Directory storage services allows users to share documents across organizational units - between international borders. Organizational users must take responsibility and care when handling information containing sensitive data as the file-sharing mechanism enables the ability to share documents among international contacts.

Data is encrypted using standard enterprise encryption methods and ensures security against multiple attack scenarios.

U.K. Corporate Governance Code

Our ethical standards of practice are guided by the Corporate Governance Code of the United Kingdom. The majority of our governance policies are reviewed in relation to this code of practice and alignment is sought at every opportunity.

As a Limited company the annual reports and VAT registration will fall under the regulatory framework of the United Kingdom. Annual and quarterly reports are submitted electronically to HMRC.


The processing of all credit card details through this website conform to the networking, computing and application requirements of PCI DSS legislation. Payment services on Byte Directory's Website and Mobile applications are provided by Fast Online Payments. Fast Online Payments offers a simple checkout solution which enables us to accept your card payments securely, in compliance with PCI DSS.

The Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002

Sales and purchases made through ByteDirectory Website and applications conform to all requirements set out in the EC Directive (2002). A clear transparent and honest depiction of our business services is provided and maintained through our Checkout Service team.

File uploads

File uploads to ByteDirectory conform to the specifications set out in RFC 2388.