About Byte Directory

Welcome to ByteDirectory - innovative self-service digital-storage solutions for all.

The Vision

To provide the most safe and secure digital-storage solutions to support organisation and application growth. Our storage services allow global organizations to manage documents in accordance with GDPR and jurisdiction-based legislation for storage services.

The company

Byte Directory is a subsidiary brand and registered trademark of MyURP Limited. The brand was established and developed in 2017. Our service is run by a small team of digital engineers as part of the MyURP digital service offering. Since, we have been providing storage solutions for teams in corporate environments.

We take pride in our work and we are proud of our company achievements.


Our service is accessible from all over the globe wherever content restrictions have not been applied. We offer compliance based storage for our main countries of operations. This means files saved to a particular filestore location, will never cross the boundaries of international borders unless specified by your storage configuration

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